Love’s Faithful Promise 

Heart-stirring Short Stories and Poems of Romance and Faith

Award-winning author Jennifer Anne F. Messing’s new book, LOVE’S FAITHFUL PROMISE, offers 18 poignant and romantic short fiction stories about everyday people living love’s exciting journey, facing its challenges and difficulties, and rejoicing in its triumphs. The pages sparkle with soul-stirring love quotes, Bible verses, and the author’s own heart-felt poetry. From courtship to wedlock, from early marriage to empty nesters, these tender tales of love, faith, and family will encourage your heart. Be swept away as you immerse yourself in these sweet stories affirming LOVE’S FAITHFUL PROMISE...


“Love’s Faithful Promise” is the best inspirational book! ❤
Jennifer Anne Messing is a wonderful writer, and all the short stories were full of love, humor, and romance which gave me a lot of inspiration.

Eli C., Amazon reader

“Love’s Faithful Promise” Touches the Heart ❤
Jennifer Anne F. Messing masterfully weaves the love of God together with the “love" longing of the human heart. The Scripture verses chosen, and her original poetry pieces, add to the enjoyment of reading each of these sweet love stories.”

Maxine Marsolini, author of “Blended Families” and “Rebuilding Families”

Everlasting Love

Romantic Vignettes for a

Woman's Heart           


EVERLASTING LOVE is a collection of romantic short fiction that brings to life everyday people facing the excitement, challenges and joys of love-from courtship to wedlock, from early marriage to empty nesters. The pages sparkle with soul-stirring love quotes, Bible verses, and the author's own heart-felt poetry. Read about the heaven-sent gift of a beautiful, intimate

and committed love between a man and a woman. Be swept away as you immerse yourself in these sweet stories of everlasting love...

“Jennifer Anne F. Messing’s collection of short stories, Everlasting Love, tackles romantic relationships with poise, strength, and hope. Bravo, for a job well done!”
—Leslie Gould, bestselling author of numerous novels, including The Amish Midwife

“Everlasting Love is a delightful collection of short stories, Scripture verses and quotes—all romantic at heart. These vignettes have something for everyone, married or single, young or middle-aged—proof that real love transcends status and age. They remind us that God’s heart must be a romantic one. I highly recommend Everlasting Love, it will help every woman love her Lord and those dear to her heart.”

—Sylvia Stewart, author of “Kondi's Quest


“Whether it's about the rush of finding new love, or the stirring words and actions shared by a couple whose love has grown over time, the stories in Everlasting Love remind us that no matter our circumstances, there is always hope for love, and that true love is unfailing. What a precious gift!”

—Camille Eide, author of “Like There's No Tomorrow



Morning's Promise

Poetic Moments in His Presence


NEW print and e-book available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online!

MORNING'S PROMISE: Poetic Moments in His Presence
by Jennifer Anne F. Messing

A collection of original poetry, Bible verses, & inspired quotes 
194 pages, Trade paperback and e-book


TO ORDER THIS BOOK, visit the "BOOKS" page of this website, or CLICK HERE TO ORDER / VIEW BOOK ON AMAZON


A 5-star review of Morning's Promise by Sylvia Stewart, author of KONDI'S QUEST, missionary in Africa for 32 years, a wife, mother of 4 and grandmother of 11:

MORNING'S PROMISE: Poetic Moments in His Presence,” by Jennifer Anne F. Messing, is a beautifully written and elegantly designed devotional book for women. Scripture verses, quotes and original poems are shared from the heart of a poet who has a special connection with the Lord. They fall into five categories: God’s Call and Guidance; Faith and Trust; God’s Care and Provision; Loving God; Serving God at Home. Verse upon verse, each poem is thoughtfully written to focus the poet’s mind on God and helps the reader speak to God what she feels in her heart but has not enough words to express.

It’s a book one doesn’t want to rush through; the kind one will dip into daily, take along on a journey and recommend to friends. Morning’s Promise  is a book to cherish. 

* * *

 Book trailer: Everlasting Love

"Jennifer Anne Messing's Everlasting Love is a sweet collection of hope-filled stories, inspired quotes and (my personal favorite) original poetry that all center around each short piece's theme: a lost love, a long-time relationship, a chance (read God-directed) encounter, a dream waiting to be unfolded. I'm an avid reader of short stories and have never seen a collection so well planned before. I loved that aspect. Each piece, also, points back to the original Creator of Love that stirs within us a longing to not only be with Him, but the one He might have paired us with on our journey."

A 5-star review by April McGowan, Author


"The poetry in “Everlasting Love” is priceless! I love Jennifer Anne’s lyric verses here as much as I enjoyed those in her book “Morning’s Promise.” Her beautiful lines about godly love just sing from the pages. The short stories will appeal to a variety of readers, from single women looking for marriage, to those in long-term relationships (like myself, married for 34 years). Each story tells about a woman seeking encounters with true love, and several are about redemption found in second chances. The Scripture verses, interspersed through the book, uplifted and encouraged me. I especially enjoyed reading the last vignette—the God-thing of how Jennifer Anne met and fell in love with her husband, Michael."

A 5-star review by Lynn Hare, Author 



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